The perks… 

So, many of my friends have gone through it, I have written not just one but 2 already but as my PI will say, it is not the easiest thing in the world and it takes practice and a lot of feedback to get it done and done correctly. Yes, I am talking about the thesis. Generally, I hate writing… I mean, look at my blog and it will tell you exactly why. Some say it is an act and you either have the talent to write or not. I think I fall into the later category. But, I love science and reading and chatting, when I get super comfortable with you and I also have crazy ideas running throttle my mind, I just never know how to put it in writing. And ooo, I grew up writing so much that I never did well with mathematics because  it was too illogical ( I know people will chew me up🤓) but I love maths now and the number crunching is even way better. But I love biology, now at least and I love carrying out experiments, interpreting data but I don’t Think I am a story teller yet. I want to learn to tell the story, make people fall in love with my science just like R.Martini does. I need mentorship, damn we all do. So I am looking for a writer as a mentor, maybe I should join a literature writing class next semester. Good idea, I am completely doing that. 

See you all soon

Merry Christmas ❄️❄️❄️☃☃⛄️☃⛄️🌬 

No more sad stories

So, like always, I just pop up and put up some random posts up here. Today is one such day that I am looking for inspiration so I am turning to the Internet where a lot is free and expensive. It’s winter, everything is cold and the desire to step out of your room is low. But you still need to because your life depends on it. Anyway happy almost Christmas to all those who read this. Have a fantastic holiday soon and post pictures so I can just look at them and smile.

In need of hand

This page has gathered some dust and all my attempts so far to put up something has failed miserably. I am just that lazy or more like I have become super lazy with everything. Today, I just want to rant!! Yay!!! I think I am at that stage of my life where I think most of my life choices have not led me on a satisfying journey. Like everyone, I have… wait more like had a plan but it seems I have thrown it all out the window and just getting along. To put it straight, my life has not gone exactly as I planned and what I set out to do within my 30 year plan has not come to fruition.

It all started with my memory, it is very flaky and I wonder if I already have early signs of Alzheimer, which I hope I don’t have but I still think about it. Then my academic work started suffering and I wonder why I even like being in school. It feels like when I was 6 all over again. The period in my life when education was the last thing I ever wanted to do and my mom had to literally beat the shit out of me to get me to go to school. I don’t hate being in school, it just is annoying that I just can’t get my head straight and concentrate fully on what’s in front of me. I am more worried about failing in school that I am actually failing and I don’t even believe in my potential to do good science. I am declining very fast and I just can’t grab a help line. I have somehow managed to isolate myself and quietly but certainly I am making myself miserable. I am really not a good communicator and super bad at asking questions, but I am treading at negative communication now.

The nagging questions in my mind…. How do I get back to where I want to be….. To be continued….

Lostness, Aloneness or Loneliness..

It’s amazing how things seem so clear when you have the world at you feet, or assume the world is at your feet. I always thought everything is achievable and I am still a believer but for the first time in my life, I find myself doubting everything I know and believe. I doubt my own capabilities and even doubt my own goals in life. They seem so far away and nothing seems certain now. So I have decided to rant, just to let everything out of my system.

I worked, prayed and thought so hard about learning and knowing a lot about my field of studies but in recent times, I find that all that I believe and know about myself and my own capabilities is almost a lie to me. I feel lost, very lost. I basically lack initiative now and I feel like a robot. I keep hearing all the strengths that I have from people, how I am persistent with a can-do spirit. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the live I have lived and chosen. I also love that I am learning a lot more than I can wish for and thinking a lot more than I can wish about research. The issue is, I don’t know exactly what to do with my life right now. The future seemed too far and too slow in coming to reality. Someone told me I am impatient but there are so many things I want to do and I am not doing them because the plan(map) I have laid for myself is not being realised.

Actually, all this started because after a long time of education, it seems my mind doesn’t work as well as it should. Somehow, I keep forgetting the most important things. I failed to obtain a certain mark in my exams although I studied like I never did in my life for it and I just am feeling like a big failure right now. Although I like to see the positive side of everything, I can’t see beyond my marks this time. I have had worst grades but this particular one seemed to have affected me more than the C I got in PK Baidoo’s Comparative embryology class. In the same vane, I studied endlessly for that particular exam and ended up with a C. I made better grades in courses I didn’t put that much effort in.

To end this rant, Don’t think I am a loner, I am not someone you will term antisocial, I love parties, I love to dance although I am not really good at it (debatable depending on whom you talk to) and I don’t spend all my day in a lab and behind books. It’s the last thing I want to be doing right now since it seems it doesn’t work well for me when I do that. I meet a lot of people everyday. The only thing that has changed in my life is my location (coupled with language and culture) and I am absolutely comfortable where I am, it is all I dreamt it will be and more.

Well if there is anything I want you to take home, know that people will always see and think of you the way they want. No matter how good you are, never let it get into your head, it will lead to your destruction and to the same place I am right now… Listen to your head not your heart, your emotions emanate from your head.

Alles gut…

New Year, Same dilemmas!!!

It’s that time the year when everyone (almost) makes a new year resolution. But most of us make new year resolutions without even reviewing the previous year because we don’t keep a journal (or diary as it is popularly known in my dear country Ghana). I have resorted to not making new year’s resolution because to me a New year is only but another day to be the best you can be.
As I was standing at the Altemain bridge (Wuerzburg, Germany) (A really beautiful place by the way) yesterday looking at the fireworks, I realised one thing… I didn’t feel anything different about the night compared to other nights except of course for the fireworks. So I asked myself one question… “What will you do differently today?”. Several thoughts came into mind but I realised I ask myself this same question everyday of waking in 2014.
So as I stared at the dark skies with all the beautiful fireworks, I thought about my academic work, my family, my friends and all the people standing around me. I decided that this year will mark the first year of my goal towards making a big impact in a small way… So I am starting a digital journal of everything that I do from today, 1-1-2015. I just hope you all come with me upon this great task and burden I have placed on myself this day and may God help us all..

oooo I hope I make a great impact on you at the end of our journey.

The four year Master program

A lot of us have plans of where we want to be in say 5 years at least, so we make the effort to work towards it. That’s what I thought I was doing initially until it all fell apart. My plan was simple, get a PhD by age 30 & work as a research scientist/academician. After several days of sleeplessness and several failed attempts to obtain a scholarship to study what I really wanted to outside of Ghana, I decided to take up a master program which will enhance my chances of getting into a 3 year PhD. So as part of the 5 year plan, I got into this master program in a “prestigious” university in Ghana pursuing a master program that was to last for two years. It completely threw me off course. First and foremost, we spent 2 years taking taught courses when it should be one year. We were categorically told the program is for 24 months and not the usual two academic years. This is all because the course coordinator planned things to suit herself. Spent another year through a frustrating research period and then another year just waiting for oral examination of the thesis. So after much prayer and solicitation of God to step in, I have carried out the oral examination. Since then, the course has been rescheduled to last for three years for all the current students who are now paying twice as much as I did to pursue the program.
Now my big question is why should this happen? Secondly, if a student spends that long in school through no fault of his, should one be made to pay more fees as is being touted now in said in the said university?

Science Education in Ghana

Good people out there… I would like to touch on this delicate area of the Ghanaian Economy and Education today… Although it would be better to leave it alone and continue is problem free existence in my tiny shell, I would like to to escape from that comfort..

Basically, there are many many doctors and medics carrying out great experiments in the country with publications jumping everywhere. That is good but this post is not about the well established PhD or researcher in one the country’s universities carrying out research, it is about the young scientist learning to ply a trade in the harsh environments of science. Many of us are misinformed about what we can do and what we cannot do. For example.. I read biological Science in the university, did a lot of theory on the molecular mechanisms and all but I know little about the actual work to be. I can easily describe the methods and all but I can confidently tell you that I know little about the actual real-life procedures. Basically, I am what a lot of people in my country will call a shark, but I can’t really bite.

Science education has taken a priority in the life of the average Ghanaian but there is still a lot to do to push it to the level where we can see it’s effect. All who have a lot to gain should bring their ideas together and let’s revolutionalize science in Ghana.

Unfair treatment of new government employees in Ghana

I think it’s a high time someone voiced this out. I think the only people who have a field day in the government sector are politicians, doctors and the security agencies. Teachers especially basic school and high school teachers are the most maltreated group of government employees.
It all starts during recruitment. It takes forever just to get you an appointment letter and then your troubles begin. Although your appointment letter is ready, no thinks about your salary. I know people who have been employed for upto 18 months without a single months salary paid. The problem is that no one really cares whether you are receiving salary or not; you still have to go to teach and pray that at the end of the month, you get paid. You are subjected to all kinds of monitoring and no one cares how you survive to come teach. I have been teaching for up to 26 months and I haven’t had a single month’s pay.
I do not have any motivation to go on but the mere thought of those students who are my responsibility keeps me going. That motivation an will to continue is running. I don’t know the countless number of teachers out there who are in the same situation but if something is not done soon, a lot of teachers will go to school and not teach or stay away altogether.
Increasingly, the government keeps spending loads of money on MPs and vehicles, and paying lip service to the plight of the teacher and the man on the street. I pray peace continues to reign in this country, but it is high time the government gets its acts right and starts dealing with issues concerning the citizens and not just a selected few.

Career Dilemma of a Ghanaian Child

I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news but I just have to say this. If you ask the Ghanaian school going child what he/she wants to be, you will probably hear “I want to be a doctor” or as it has become popular nowadays “I want to be a nurse”. If you however ask why they want to pursue such careers or should I say Jobs, you hear “Doctors (now nurses) are rich and their parents want them to pursue such programs”. I know every parent wants the best for their ward but, are they always right.

I grew up with parents who allow me to take so many decisions on my own. As long as I can remember, I have always chosen and done things the way I wanted and I can say I turned out well. I pursued Biological Science as an undergrad, continued with an MPhil Human Anatomy and Cell Biology and now I work as a high school tutor. I am glad of my work so far, although I still want more. I love what I do and I intend to pursue an academic career which I can say is on course.

I have had the opportunity to interact with a lot of the students in high school and I will have to say, there is a lot of non-academic work to be done. Students are frustrated with the programs they reading. I have a student who is very good with language and literary art but she is studying Science in High School because her parents want her to. She is struggling to make good grades and has no interest whatsoever in the sciences yet she is there cos of her parents. A lot of the “home science” students I have interacted with want to be nurses or midwives. Others have no idea what they want to be.
Surprisingly, there is no career counseling unit in most of our high schools so there is no education on the subject. Teachers are doing their best, but coupled with the huge task of completing academic syllables with-in the shortest time imaginable, it is a daunting task. In essence teachers are useless as the only source of information for career plans and parents are too ignorant and only think of jobs for their children.

It is time for change and it starts with you. GES should also come up with a review of the SHS syllabus so it is more talent oriented rather than memory oriented. Give us something to rejoice about atleast.